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Electrical Neutrality (Chemistry)

Education Community Physical Sciences Grade 11 & 12 Physical Sciences Electrical Neutrality (Chemistry)

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    Anele Ndlovu
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    Please can someone answer this question from a past paper: “Why is it important that electrical neutrality is preserved in the Galvanic Cell?” (4 marks)

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    Yaaseen Mahomed

      Anode: If there’s an excess of cations in solution, oxidation of the anode will slow down, then eventually stop. According to Le Chateliers Principle (LCP), the reverse reaction would be favoured in order to decrease the concentration of cations. Therefore, emf decreases.


      Cathode: Reduction of cations at the cathode leads to an excess of anions in solution. Therefore, reduction of cations will slow down, then eventually stop. According to LCP, the reverse reaction will be favoured to increase the concentration of cations and counteract the excess of anions. Emf decreases.

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