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What is Colearn?

Colearn is a site that lets South African high school students ask any questions relating to their work which other students can answer. In our Education Community, you can ask any question you’d like by adding a new topic within a subject forum. You can also engage in discussions about the course material.

Why Colearn?

If you’re in high school and you’ve ever been stuck on any problem, you’ve gone to google. After some searching, you find the answer but something just doesn’t seem right. The reason for this is because the South African syllabus may be different from the British or American ones and the steps taken or the focus of the question is often different. You don’t have that issue with Colearn because the people helping you are well-versed with our methods and have been or are in your exact same academic situation.

How Do I Start?

Before you do anything, you need to create an account. Once you create your account, you may begin asking questions. To ask a question, answer one or engage in a discussion, go to the Education Community page and choose your subject and, if applicable, the grade (you will see it if it’s available). Once on the correct forum, click “New Topic.” The new topic is essentially your question. Give it a short title like “reducing balance depreciation” and then type your entire question in the text space with as much detail as possible.

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